All your great art supply’s are not at your art store anymore!

I still love to go to my local art supply store.
To go down each isle and look at all the different mediums and substrates. It really gets your creative juices going. But when you know what you want and time is not a factor, buying online is easy and a lot cheaper on your wallet.
It is safer to shop online more than ever before. With over 210 million shoppers in the United States alone! Saving all that gas, time and energy trying to find that certain item. Looking for sales items and coupons is as easy as a couple of searches through Google.
Buying art supplies are now much easier with hundreds of  art material reviews and price comparisons. Usually within a couple of clicks you would be able to find out who sells a Oil paint and brushes. On top of that be able to compare prices to other big department stores that sell art supplies cheap.
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